Who is suitable for rhinoplasty and who is qualified for this operation?

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Who is suitable for rhinoplasty and who is qualified for this operation?

Rhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty This procedure is suitable for every patient who has completed his 18th year to complete the growth of cartilage and nasal bones and to complete his mood and psychological state..
The patient must be in good health, both physically and psychologically, and have realistic expectations about the results of the operation.

This process is considered as a plastic surgery whose goal is to change the shape of the nose, and the motivating factor for this procedure may be the rhinoplasty process is to change the appearance of the nose, improve the breathing process, or both at the same time.

Since the bones are the upper part of the nasal structure, while the cartilage is the lower part of this structure, and this operation can lead to changing the bones, skin, cartilage, or all of them, so the person should discuss with the specialist surgeon about whether this operation is appropriate His or not, and about the most important results to be expected.

Before the operation

In the case of planning rhinoplasty, the surgeon must think about the features of the patient’s face, the skin on the nose, and the area he wants to change, and if he is qualified for the surgery, he will develop the appropriate plan for him, and often the insurance contributes to covering Part of the rhinoplasty costs or all of the costs.

Eligible for rhinoplasty

Each patient suffers from:

Enlargement of the nose.
Clearly deviated nose.
Narrowing or widening of the nostrils.
Deviation of the cartilage that makes up the front of the nose.
– Weakness of the front of the nose and the front edge.
Asymmetry of the upper part with the lower part of the nose, or vice versa.
Beautification of congenital defects in the nose.

Operation risks

Every plastic surgery must have some risks or effects after the operation, including the following:

Having an adverse reaction to the drug.
Difficulty breathing.
Constant numbness in and around the nose.
Possibility of changing the appearance of the nose to an uneven appearance.
The possibility of scarring.

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