Who is suitable for ear plastic surgery?

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Who is suitable for ear plastic surgery?

ear plastic surgery

We can define otoplasty as a surgical operation aimed at modifying the shape of the outer ear pinna, and in order to change the shape, size or location of the ear pinna, and the first goal of the operation is to improve the proportion between the shape and size of the ear and the face, and most believe that the main goal of the operation is to improve self-esteem and access to personal satisfaction.

It is possible to perform this operation in childhood, but it is better to wait until adulthood to perform it so as not to force the patient to repeat the operation again after the final shape of the face is stabilized in the event of puberty, and in most cases this operation is performed after accidents or injuries that result in deformities In the shape of the ear, and the goal of the treatment may be to restore the shape of the ear to what it was in the past.

The patient should have good general health to withstand the operation.
That the patient has realistic expectations.. He is aware that the otoplasty is an improvement, not a perfection.

Operation terms
Regarding age, there is no upper age limit for surgery.. It is preferable to perform it starting from the age of 6 years for the following reasons:
The ears are fully developed.
The cartilage is still soft and pliable and responds better to surgery.
The complications of surgery are less..and the child is stronger to bear the surgery..
Early ear surgery is preferred for the child so that her appearance does not cause psychological problems due to the ridicule of colleagues.
Each patient suffers from:
The ear is too big..or the cartilage in it is missing its natural shape..
The prominent “bat” ear..
small ear..
Absence of the auricle.
Folded ear, where the upper and lower ends of the auricle appear folded inward.
The cochlear ear.. It is an advanced degree of the folded ear..
A dented ear (indentations on the outer edge of the flint).
The outer ear is incomplete or damaged.

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