Which is better veneers or zirconium (Hollywood Smile)

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Which is better veneers or zirconium (Hollywood Smile)

Hollywood Smile consists in placing very thin veneers on the front of the tooth. These veneers change the shape, size, color and length of the teeth to suit the patient’s mouth and mouth shape. The aim of this smile is as follows:

Improving the appearance of the teeth and giving them a better shape.
Permanently increasing the degree of whiteness of the teeth.
Improving a person’s overall appearance.
Mostly, these crusts are made of porcelain, a material that has the ability to eliminate stains, and is very close to the natural age, to give the person a natural, not artificial smile.
Reasons for resorting to a Hollywood smile

Resorting to this smile is mainly for cosmetic purposes, but this smile and porcelain veneers can treat some dental diseases and problems, which are embodied in the following:

Teeth that are exposed to discoloration and the presence of some stains and pigmentation on them.
Teeth that have large cosmetic fillings, which have lost their color and are different from the rest of the teeth.
Teeth that have been fractured.
Teeth that are uneven or misaligned in shape, size and length, and have a different shape from the rest of the teeth.
Teeth that have spaces between each other.
Many patients wonder about the difference between Hollywood Smile for veneers and Hollywood Smile for zirconium crowns.
In fact, the answer is not who is the best, but rather depends on the condition of the teeth of each patient
Veneers lenses:

They are porcelain veneers made of zirconium

its uses

We use veneers for cosmetic cases only, for teeth that do not suffer from any orthodontic problems, or distortion or overlapping in the teeth

That is, the patient’s teeth must be completely flat and have good periodontal health

Zircon crowns:

They are complete dental crowns made of German original zircon

its uses

Its uses are for cosmetic treatment cases when there is a problem in the teeth and the reflection of the dishes that is the result

The random movement of the teeth and the overlapping of the teeth on top of each other

We can also find triple and quadruple bridges in zirconium crowns to compensate for tooth loss instead of implants and their high costs.

Result: Hollywood smile is made of two types of zirconium and veneers. Determining the best for each case depends on the diagnosis of the specialist…

You can send a picture of the teeth to know the most appropriate for your cases (our doctors are at your service)

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