What is the problem of tooth pigmentation and what are the main causes of its occurrence?


What is the problem of tooth pigmentation and what are the main causes of its occurrence?

Teeth pigmentation is the change in the color of the natural teeth, and some may think that the discoloration of the teeth means yellowing only, while the color of the teeth may change to brown or gray or to several different colors.
There are two types of tooth pigmentation, external and internal pigmentation, and internal pigmentation occurs in the inner layers of the dentin, or the external discoloration may be limited to the outer layers of the tooth enamel.

There are many and varied causes of tooth discoloration and discoloration, but the most common are:

1- Aging:

With age, the color of the teeth changes, which also depends on several factors.

2- Colored foodstuffs, the most important of which are:

Tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, tobacco, and shisha. The intensity of pigmentation may vary depending on the amount of consumption.

3- Fluoride:

Fluorine is one of the most important substances that are useful in fighting tooth decay, but it causes discoloration of the teeth if it is ingested in large quantities.

4- Some medicines:

One of the most important antibiotics of the tetracycline group, which should be used in pregnant women and children.

5- Trauma and tooth nerve death:

The frequent strong or light shocks and also the death of the pulp of the tooth (the nerve of the tooth) may lead to the pigmentation of the inner tooth, which is one of the difficult to remove pigmentation that needs internal bleaching to alleviate it, or we sometimes resort to crowning the tooth as an effective and alternative solution.

6- Oral antiseptics:

It is missed by many that long-term use of more than one or two weeks as a maximum of oral antiseptics, especially those containing chlorhexidine, may cause pigmentation of the teeth, so attention should be paid.

What are the ways to avoid discoloration and yellowing of the teeth and what is the treatment:

Of course, the most important way to avoid tooth discoloration and staining is to pay attention to the causes and stay away from them. As for treatment, of course, teeth whitening is the ideal solution for many cases.

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