What is the problem of tooth decay and the most important causes?


What is the problem of tooth decay and the most important causes?

We can define teeth as pieces of hard structures that form inside a person’s mouth on the jaws, and are formed around the mouth and pharynx of vertebral objects, and the function of the teeth is to chew and crush food, and the teeth are composed of a certain number, and the teeth go through several stages The first stage is the basic teeth that are formed in the stage Childhood, but it quickly falls out and appears as a substitute for it, and its name is permanent teeth, and these teeth differ from each other in that the primary teeth are small in size and consist of more pointed protuberances, whiter and more susceptible to erosion, and have large pulp chambers compared to small and sensitive roots.

The number of human teeth

Teeth begin to grow during childhood, specifically the prenatal period, but they do not erupt until 6-12 months after birth. The age of 3 years, and after the child reaches the age of 5-6 years, his teeth begin to fall out, to appear instead of strong permanent teeth that will continue with him throughout life.

tooth decay

Tooth decay is an erosion that occurs in the tooth as a result of acids produced by bacteria present inside the mouth.. It causes pain, inflammation and possibly complete loss of the tooth..

And the deeper the decay in the layers of the tooth, the worse the situation, as the tooth consists of three layers..

The upper layer is called enamel.. the middle layer is called dentin.. the center of the tooth is called the pulp and it contains nerves and blood vessels..

Causes of tooth decay

Of course, the main cause of tooth decay is the bacteria in the plaque layer that covers the teeth and gums.. These bacteria feed on the sugar of the food you eat, and so they produce acids that attack the teeth 20 minutes or more after you have eaten.. These acids damage the enamel of the teeth, causing tooth decay. .

Reasons that increase your risk of tooth decay
Smoking .. it is the most dangerous enemy of the teeth
Neglecting dental cleaning.
Eat foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates.
Not getting enough FL.
Decreased amount of saliva in the mouth.

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