What is meant by a breast lift, what are its main advantages and pre-operative instructions?

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What is meant by a breast lift, what are its main advantages and pre-operative instructions?

Breast lift operation, the breast is exposed to sagging and loses its elasticity with age and various lifestyles such as pregnancy and lactation, so many women resort to breast lift surgery.. the size of the breast may be very large and therefore a breast reduction operation is performed and then the breast is tightened..

In other cases, the breast may not be full and saggy, so a breast augmentation operation is performed and then a tightening operation.

Before the operation, you must follow the instructions before the breast lift operation

breast augmentation surgery

Before the operation, the surgeon determines the locations of the surgical incisions and initially determines a midline in the middle of the chest using special tools.

The operation is done under general anesthesia in most cases.. it is under local anesthesia if the breast lift is a small percentage..

After anesthesia, the area is injected with a saline solution, to which a local anesthetic is added to reduce post-operative pain and a substance that reduces bleeding.

After that, the excess skin is removed, the shape of the new breast is adjusted and the nipple is placed in its new place.. A small tube is placed under the skin in each breast inside the surgical incision to withdraw fluids and blood residues accumulated under the skin, which makes the healing process faster..

The incisions are closed with plastic surgical stitches and do not need to be removed in most cases…

Special instructions before operation

A mammogram should always be done before any operation.

Fasting 12 hours before the operation.

Stopping medications containing aspirin or blood thinners two weeks before the operation.

The neck and chest area should be washed with an antibacterial lotion for several days before the operation to prevent infection of the wound.

Before each operation, any physical or neurological problem must be disclosed, and the doctor must be told if you suffer from an allergy to some medications, or if you use artificial teeth.

Stop smoking two weeks before and two weeks after the operation.

Contact lenses should not be used on the day of the operation.

In the event of a cold or any other infection, the operation should be postponed until full recovery.

And like every operation, the doctor’s instructions must be followed before and after the operation permanently to avoid the expected complications.

Breast lift surgery benefits

Breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that has several cosmetic and health benefits.

Breast sagging improves after pregnancy, lactation, or with age.

The position of the nipple in the breast has improved.

The shape of the breast becomes more youthful and fresh.

The appearance of the breast shape with a more feminine appearance..

Being able to wear a swimsuit without the appearance of scars or signs of a wound.

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