What is dental implants and everything related to it?

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What is dental implants and everything related to it?

Dental implants, the concept of dental implantation is that a metal bracket is installed in the jawbone on which a number of artificial teeth are installed to replace missing teeth and thus dispense with sabotaging healthy teeth in order to install bridges and bridges or dispense with dentures and mobile fixtures that have many problems as fixed teeth are better In terms of form and function.

The implant is a wedge made of titanium metal that enters the jaw bone that is accepted by the human body and unites with the jawbone after a while as one unit, then it is compensated in a way that no one, not even the patient himself, can differentiate between it and natural teeth..in terms of form and function..

Is it possible to implant a tooth for anyone?

Yes, provided that there is a sufficient amount of jaw bones and the person enjoys good health.. in order to compensate for one or more missing teeth instead of fixed or movable structures..

What is the percentage of success of Teeth plantation ?

The general statistics of our biusmile center achieve a success rate of more than 95% of cases that have been completed..

And the 5% of the failed cases identified the reasons for failure because the patient did not cooperate by neglecting his oral health.

Is the implant and installation in one visit?

Recently, and in some cases, implantation and installation can be done at the same time.. but it is always preferable to wait for installation between 35-180 days for complete bone fusion, and this period varies according to the quality of the jaw bone, general health and the place of implantation..

During the healing phase, a temporary prosthesis can be placed pending the permanent installation, because the patient does not remain without teeth.

Is it a painful process?

Absolutely, the implantation process is done under local anesthesia and it takes only 15 minutes to insert the implant.

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