what are the most important Hollywood smile colors?

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what are the most important Hollywood smile colors?

The Hollywood smile consists of placing very thin veneers on the front of the tooth. These veneers change the shape, size, color and length of the teeth to suit the shape of the mouth and mouth of the patient. The aim of this smile is as follows:

Improving the appearance of the teeth and giving them a better shape.
Permanently increasing the degree of whiteness of the teeth.
Improving a person’s overall appearance.

Mostly, these crusts are made of porcelain, a material that has the ability to eliminate stains, and is very close to the natural age, to give the person a natural, not artificial smile.

Reasons for resorting to a Hollywood smile

Resorting to this smile is mainly for cosmetic purposes, but this smile and porcelain veneers can treat some dental diseases and problems, which are embodied in the following:

Teeth that are exposed to discoloration and the presence of some stains and pigmentation on them.
Teeth that have large cosmetic fillings, which have lost their color and are different from the rest of the teeth.
Teeth that have been fractured.
Teeth that are uneven or misaligned in shape, size and length, and have a different shape from the rest of the teeth.
Teeth that have spaces between each other.
How do you choose the right color for your smile?

The truth is that the common color is white, mostly for Hollywood Smile cases

But frankly, this color does not always suit all cases

The principle of choosing the color of the teeth for the smile process is practically according to the color of the skin

For those with fair skin, it is better to choose white

And people with brown skin choose the least white.

definition of teeth

We can define teeth as pieces of hard structures that form inside a person’s mouth on the jaws, and are formed around the mouth and pharynx of vertebral objects, and the function of the teeth is to chew and crush food, and the teeth are composed of a certain number, and the teeth go through several stages The first stage is the basic teeth that are formed in the stage Childhood, but it quickly falls out and appears as a substitute for it, and its name is permanent teeth, and these teeth differ from each other in that the primary teeth are small in size and consist of more pointed protuberances, whiter and more susceptible to erosion, and have large pulp chambers compared to small and sensitive roots.

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