What are the causes of mouth breathing?

mouth breathing

What are the causes of mouth breathing?

Mouth breathing

Before we get to know the main causes of mouth breathing, we must first know that the problem of mouth breathing lies in that a person may resort to breathing from his mouth if he suffers from the problem of nasal congestion due to a cold or allergy, or in the event of strenuous exercise. In which the muscles urgently need oxygen quickly.

There are some cases that urgently need to take oxygen through the mouth to inhale, but if a person notices that he is breathing through the mouth all the time and during sleep, this alerts him to the presence of a health problem.

Breathing through the mouth for children leads to the problem of crooked teeth, congenital malformations, or developmental problems, while for adults this problem causes a foul smell to come out of the top, problems in the gums, and the presence of some health symptoms of health problems.

What are the causes of mouth breathing?


Obstruction of the natural airways, congenital or as a result of the presence of foreign bodies…
– Enlargement of the nasal passages and the enlargement of the tongue…
Nasal fossa tumors…
Enlargement of the tonsils in the nasopharynx…
Fractures and bruises that cause a deviation in the pace of the nose…
Chronic and allergic rhinitis…

The importance of breathing through the nose

It is natural that a person does not feel the importance of the mouth and the process of breathing through it, except in the event of a cold, in which he feels after his ability to obtain a sufficient amount of oxygen, so he resorts to breathing through the mouth, and this has a negative impact on the quality of sleep and life.

The nose works to produce nitric oxide, which has a major role in improving the ability of the lungs to absorb oxygen, and nitric oxide has an important role in increasing the effectiveness of oxygen transit through the body and heart, and it serves as an effective anti-fungal, parasites, viruses and bacteria, and contributes to supporting the immune system to protect the body from infection .

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