A smile is the life and soul of a person. It gives us activity and vitality, and because of people accept you, and it is a way to express what is going on inside us, in a polite way. Your innocent smile makes you more friends and relationships.

Becoming a bright white smile like a star has become easy and in a very record time with these techniques that dental science has come to use through “contact lenses”, as they are considered optical cosmetic fillings of the same color as the tooth color.

It is used for people who suffer from:

The presence of voids between the teeth

Small teeth

Weak and fragile teeth

Bad arrangement of teeth

Fractured, broken, or worn out teeth

There is many advantages

1- In comparison with different methods of cosmetic dentistry such as bridges and crowns treatment (crown collection), veneer can be considered as effective method for not damaging the enamel or dental layer as is the case with these methods.

2- The gums quickly adapt to the Boslan substance in a good way.

3- Veneer lives from 5 to 7 years, according to its care, and then it must be changed.

Finally, the veneer can hide tooth defects, color, fractures, erosion and the distances between them, and show white teeth that bright and homogeneous with each other and with the appearance of the face and the gender of the person. The veneer does not require special care, as it is only for oral and dental hygiene, such as washing and brushing teeth at least twice a day, as well as using dental floss and visiting a doctor once every 6 months.