Many patients wonder about the difference between Hollywood Smile with veneers and Hollywood Smile with zircon crowns

In fact, the answer is not who is best, but depends on the condition of the teeth for each patient

Veneers lenses:

They are ceramic scales made of zirconium

Their uses :

We use veneer lenses for cosmetic cases only for teeth that do not suffer from any orthodontic problems, warp or overlay in the teeth

That is, the patient’s teeth must be completely flat and have good gingival health

Zircon crowns:

They are full dental crowns made of German origin zirconium

Their uses:

Its uses for cosmetic treatments when there is a problem with dental layer and the reflection of plates that is the result

About the random movement of the teeth and the overlapping of teeth on top of each other

We can also, on the three and quadrilateral bridges in the zircon crowns, compensate for the loss of teeth instead of implantation and its high costs.

The result: Hollywood Smile is two types: zircon and veneer, and determining the best for each case depends on the diagnosis of the specialist doctor …

You can send a picture of the teeth to find out the best fit for your cases (our doctors are at your service)