Types of facial fillers and what are the differences between it and Botox?

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Types of facial fillers and what are the differences between it and Botox?

Types of facial fillers are among the prominent cosmetic topics at the present time, which occupy the minds of many women who are looking for the beauty of their skin.

Types of facial fillers

Talking about the most prominent types of facial fillers, there are two types of filler injections, which are as follows:

Temporary injection, which lasts from 6 months to two years and is considered less dangerous and has fewer side effects.
Permanent injection, which entails risks, and is not recommended in most cases, as it carries some side effects that may appear after a period of use, such as hyaluronic acid.
The difference between fillers and botox
In general, fillers and Botox are used to eliminate signs of aging and wrinkles, but there are some differences between them, including the following:
Botox is considered as botulinum toxin, a substance that has the ability to get rid of wrinkles, while fillers of all kinds are a substance among many of the materials used in it, such as fat cells or animal collagen, and is used to fill the voids that exist under the skin.
Botox is used to stretch and relax the muscles, while fillers are used to fill the spaces under the skin.
Botox is used in the places of lines between the eyebrows and on the forehead, and wrinkles that are located at the corner of the eye are treated, while fillers of all kinds are used in the areas above the cheeks and the mouth, and recently the filler is used to treat dark circles that are located in the area around Eye.
When will the results of the filler appear?

With regard to the important question when the results of the filler appear, and this question is directed to the plastic surgeon after undergoing the operation, as there is great enthusiasm for obtaining the results, and we can say that the visible results are different according to the material used in the operation, in the case of using the filler, the results are visible before going out. of the operation or within hours of the operation.

Thus, we have provided you with everything you need to know about the types of facial fillers, and if you want to undergo a plastic surgery, we advise you to go to the Bio Smile Clinic, one of the best medical centers in Turkey for dental implants and plastic surgery.

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