Lips Filler

Filled lips have long been considered a sign of beauty and attractiveness, and most of women wish for full and attractive lips. Having full lips is reflected in the shape of a smile and gives charm, giving its owner more confidence.

This is what drives many to search for different ways to enlarge the lips, including the Filler lips. What is the filler lips injection? And types?

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What is the filler lips, and what types of lips injections?

Filler Lips (Lip fillers) is the process through which fill in the gaps that exist between some materials lips cells that differ from each other in characteristics and uses, and all share in being granted the lips look young and fresh, and increase fullness and beauty. It is widely held by the general public that the filler is the name of the material used in the injection process, and this is incorrect because the process itself is called filler with different names and composition of the materials used in the injection process.

Different types of filler injection for lips

Types of fillers differ from each other in terms of their softness, in terms of their chemical composition, and in terms of the duration of their results. In general, the softer types are used for the lips filter, while the softer types can be used for the blush filler. Examples of soft fillers that can be used to blow lips without causing clumps or granules in them include:

Hyaluronic acid

It is a natural acid found in the epidermis cells to help maintain its elasticity and elasticity and the cells retain large amounts of water, which increases the freshness of the lips and makes them reflect the appearance of health and youth. Some of the most popular brands of lip injection that consist mainly of Hyaluronic Acid Restylane® and Juvederm®.


Collagen is also a natural substance, that have very good result, and gives a beautiful natural appearance to the lips immediately after the injection, but one of the most important disadvantages is does not last the same period as the hyaluronic acid and it needs to repeat the injection at short times.

+ The process is easier if the patient or the patient will undergo liposuction in addition to the injection of lips with filler. However, endogenous fats are among the least durable substances, and often they need to be re-injected at intervals of approximately four months.