Toothbrush cleaning


Toothbrush cleaning

Cleaning the toothbrush is very important, because the brush enters the mouth..and it is one of the most important things to take care of its cleanliness and take into account its sterilization on an ongoing basis..because the teeth are exposed to food residues every day and constantly, so we have to clean the toothbrush constantly because it enters the mouth and we clean the teeth regularly It is continuous and daily and we can get serious diseases if we do not keep the toothbrush clean.

The next time you gargle with a mouthwash, don’t forget to brush your toothbrush as well. This will help prevent a bad mouth infection…

Studies show that a wet brush is a suitable breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.. and that some microorganisms such as the herpes simplex virus.. which causes lip ulcers can remain on the toothbrush for up to seven days.

How to clean a toothbrush is that the toothbrush will undoubtedly be infected with blood, bacteria and saliva, and become a suitable environment for the reproduction and growth of viruses and bacteria, and the best way to clean it is to rinse and wash the brush with tap water, and the other most important methods for cleaning are as follows:

Soak your toothbrush in mouthwash

Resorting to soaking the brush in mouthwash is one of the healthy ways that kills bacteria for two minutes after using it each time and rinse it well before using it again, but this method may work on the possibility of damaging the brush significantly, since mouthwash includes a substance that makes the hairs in the brush harsh.

Boil the toothbrush

Boiling the brush for 3 minutes in boiling water helps to clean the brush well, since boiling water has a great role in eliminating germs, but boiling water may dissolve the plastic handle of the brush during boiling.

Ultraviolet brush disinfection

Dry heat and steam sterilization are the most effective ways to disinfect brushes by soaking them in a saline or glucose solution of chlorhexidine.

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