Tips to follow after filler injection


Tips to follow after filler injection

Filler injections, after plastic surgery, we worry about how to act in the treated area, so this article will explain the necessary tips to follow after the filler injection

Tips to follow after filler injection:

Monitor the area that was injected with the filler carefully to check for any changes or signs that may cause concern, but you should know that the filler injection has several normal and normal side effects that you should not worry about when they appear, and these symptoms include: redness, swelling and bruising, and all of these Symptoms are very common after filler injections, and they all disappear within a short period after the injection, but if these effects do not disappear within two or three days, you should consult a doctor immediately. But if you notice some lumps, a rash, hard bumps under the skin, or severe and unbearable pain, do not hesitate to go to the doctor immediately.

Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking, as we have previously mentioned that you should refrain from consuming them before the injection, you should also avoid them after the injection. These habits will destroy everything you have built. It is known that nicotine and alcohol help with the appearance of wrinkles and dry skin, and when you take them directly after injecting the filler, they will inevitably lead to the disappearance of the results of the filler in a short time. Smoking, especially for those who have had filler injections to the lips, can lead to many problems such as injection failure, wrinkling of the lips, and lumps may appear in some areas of the injection.

Avoid direct exposure to the sun, and a sunscreen can be used as prescribed by your doctor if you urgently need to go out in the sun. Immediately after the injection of the filler, there is some simple inflammation in the skin, and when exposed to the sun, the possibility of increasing this inflammation increases due to the penetration of harmful sunlight into the skin, and the harmful rays lead to the appearance of dark spots on the skin. If there is no strong need for your exposure to the sun, it is best to avoid exposure to it for at least three days after the filler injection, and then use the sunscreen in the following days. Also, contact and pressure on the skin should be avoided so that the injection material is evenly distributed under the skin, and no lumps appear on one side of the other.

Not removing hair from the face, whether by laser or other methods, for at least three days after the injection, and facial peeling should not be done with steam, crystal, or any other method, because all of these procedures can lead to very severe infections that are difficult to treat, and they will Cause severe pain. Alternatively, medical creams prescribed by the doctor can be used for several days after the injection, and any hair removal procedure, peeling or deep cleaning of the skin should be postponed for a period, and the use of cosmetics on the face should be avoided completely after the injection for a period of not less than a week.

Avoid taking painkillers, aspirin and vitamin E after the injection, because these drugs lead to an increase in blood fluidity, which helps the appearance of bruises and blue spots. Your doctor will ask you to stop taking these drugs before the injection, and you must stop taking them after the injection for at least a week to avoid the appearance of bruising in the injection area.

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