Tips to consider before injecting the filler

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Tips to consider before injecting the filler

Filler injections are a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the appearance of the skin and skin, especially on the face.

It is done by injecting gel-based materials under the skin in some areas determined by the doctor, and these materials help to provide internal filling for places where the filler is little on the surface of the skin or its appearance has changed for some reason.

Important tips before injecting the filler

Before you go to the filler process, the Bio Smile website offers you several tips to get safer and more effective results:

Choosing the right doctor:

He must be experienced in the field of cosmetics in general and the field of filler injections in particular, and it is preferable for those who have had research or studies in this regard, and this is what we are always keen on in the medical center.

Choosing the right clinic or beauty center:

An important factor for the success of filler injections is choosing the right place, as the clinic or center must have a documented official license and an international quality certificate.

Tell your doctor about any medications you are taking, and any diseases you suffer from.
Do the allergy tests that the doctor will tell you about, as you may be allergic to one of the injection materials and you don’t know.
Inform the doctor about the results you wish and imagine after the filler injection.

Materials used in facial fillers

Animal collagen, which is extracted from animals, especially cows, is one of the most popular materials used in fillers, as it is low in costs compared to other materials, and one of its most important disadvantages is the lack of continuity of its results in the long term.

Synthetic polymer, which is chemically made from many skin-safe compounds.

Autologous fat, which is extracted from the person’s own body, is the preferred substance in the filler.

Hydraulic acid, which is one of the most common and widely used materials, because it is inexpensive.

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