Before you proceed to the process of Filler injection, BIU-SMILE provides you with several tips to get safer and more effective results:

1 Choosing the right doctor:

He/She must be one of those with expertise in the field of cosmetics in general and the field of Fillers injection in particular, preferably those who have had research or studies in this regard and this is what we are always keen on in the medical center.

2 Choose the right clinic or beauty center:

One of the important factors for the success of Fillers injection is choosing the right place, where the clinic or center must have a certified official certification and an international quality certificate.

3 Inform the doctor of any medications you are taking, and any diseases you suffer from.

4 Carry out allergy analyzes that your doctor will tell you, as you may be allergic to an injection substance and do not know.

5 Inform the doctor about the results you wish to envision after injecting Filler.