The most important and most important information about tummy tuck surgery

tightening extra sagging in abdoman

The most important and most important information about tummy tuck surgery

Abdominoplasty, abdominal sagging is formed due to weakness of the abdominal muscles and repeated weight gain and loss, which causes sagging skin and drooping in the lower abdomen. Therefore, the operation of this operation aims at the abdomen to tighten the excess sagging.. There are other factors that cause abdominal sagging, such as pregnancy and childbirth.. Excessive obesity and most of these cases are Surgical intervention is the only solution to the futility of exercise and weight loss in improving the shape of the abdomen..

The process is divided into two types:

* Small (simple) abdominal surgery: it is simpler and easier surgically than the second operation.. because the surgical opening is less with suctioning the excess fat from the waist through an opening below the navel, which is a small opening that is not visible to the naked eye..

* Major abdominal operation: in which the abdomen is tightened while removing the accumulated fat in that area.. and strengthening the abdominal muscles again by tightening them through an opening in the lower abdomen determined according to the pathological condition..

Operation cost

In each operation, the best place, time, and doctor must always be chosen to perform the operation in the right way and obtain the desired result. These factors should not be tolerated at the expense of obtaining a lower cost. As for this operation we are talking about, its cost varies according to several factors:

The degree of sagging abdomen and the difficulty of the case..
The readiness of the hospital in which the operation will be performed.
The doctor’s experience and competence.
The country in which the operation will be performed.
Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world of cosmetics, it has specialized doctors, new technologies, and also reasonable prices compared to other countries.

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