The difference between metallic and transparent braces..which is better

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The difference between metallic and transparent braces..which is better

The difference between metallic and transparent braces .. Which is better?

Transparent braces, the confusion between transparent and metal braces usually begins for the owners of non-aligned and unformatted teeth, so you should read the difference between them. At the end of the article, we will help you to choose the most appropriate for you.

What is the transparent calendar or Alinvsalain?

It is a modern method of orthodontics using 3D computer technology, through which a group of transparent and invisible devices are manufactured, made of transparent acryl material, of different sizes taken from a copy of the patient’s teeth, through which the teeth are aligned and straightened without wires or metal brackets.

One of its most important features

Psychological and practical comfort:

Unlike the traditional fixed orthodontic, which leads to difficulty eating and drinking, and the accumulation of food and plaque around wires and metal brackets, which may result in tooth decay and gingivitis, the transparent braces are mobile and can be removed when eating and brushing the teeth, which reduces the occurrence of infections in the gums and cavities in the teeth and is More comfortable and practical to use.

How long does the transparent orthodontic treatment take?

In most cases, if the patient uses the device at least 20 hours a day, the duration of treatment ranges from 12 to 18 months. In the end, the duration of treatment depends on the difficulty of the case and the amount of tooth movement required, and is determined by the attending physician.

What is the regular or fixed calendar?

Fixed orthodontics means the use of devices inside the mouth that the patient cannot remove or remove by himself, but rather they are removed by the doctor only, and it is the best method of orthodontic treatment in most cases.

One of its most important features

The fixed orthodontic treatment is characterized by the possibility of a good effect on the movement of the teeth in all directions, in contrast to the movable orthodontic, and it is possible through this method to obtain regular alignment of the teeth, which cannot be achieved by mobile devices that have limited effectiveness and therapeutic goals.

How long does the transparent orthodontic treatment take?

With fixed orthodontic brackets and wire, rubber bands and springs are used to affect the movement of the teeth, and treatment usually needs from a few months to a year or a little more if all permanent teeth have erupted.

In short, the difference between metallic and transparent braces

Shape: The metal aligner, as it is known, is wire-shaped and the other is granule-shaped. As for the transparent one, it is unremarkable plastic, so some prefer it.

Duration: The treatment period for transparent braces is shorter and going to the doctor is much less compared to metal braces.

Case: The transparent braces treat the case of distortion, lack of discipline and the difference, while the metal braces treat severe cases of protrusion.

Method: The metal braces are fixed and cannot be disassembled and installed, while the transparent ones are movable and can be removed at any time and it is preferable to remove them while eating food or hot drinks, and the metal ones need to remove the molars and the transparent ones do not need that.

Which one will you choose?

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