The best candidate for a abdominoplasty, and what is meant by this process?

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The best candidate for a abdominoplasty, and what is meant by this process?

We can define the process of tummy tuck, or what is known as abdominoplasty, as a surgical operation aimed at improving the appearance and shape of the abdomen, and during this process, excess skin and fat in the abdomen are removed, and the connective tissue in the abdomen or ligament is often tightened by surgical sutures, and from Then reposition the remaining skin to give a more toned appearance.

This operation is recommended for those who suffer from excess fat or skin around the navel area or if the lower abdominal wall is weak, and this process can enhance the shape and appearance of the body.

The best candidate for tummy tuck surgery

* The age of the patient nominated for a tummy tuck has exceeded 18 years.

* The patient must be in good health and not suffer from organic diseases.

* The patient’s weight must be stable before and after the operation for at least six months.

* They do not have the ability to perform the operation for the obese patient, as he must follow a diet to try to reduce his weight before considering the operation.

For women, the operation cannot be performed for a woman who is pregnant or intends to become pregnant in the future.

Prepare for operation

The specialist doctor must discuss with the patient the necessary equipment during the first visit, the most important of which are:

It is necessary to review the person’s medical history. The patient must answer all questions related to his current or past sick condition, and tell the doctor about any medications he is currently taking or previously taken.

Tell the doctor about the possibility of an allergy to any type of medicine, and in this type of process, the doctor asks detailed questions about weight gain and loss.

Do a physical examination to identify the available treatment options. The doctor will examine the abdomen, and may take pictures of the abdomen to add to the medical record.

Discussing expectations with the doctor, and the patient must explain to the doctor why he is performing this operation, what appearance he is expected to achieve after the operation, and verify the benefits and risks of this surgery, such as the possibility of scars, wounds, pain, or any other complications that may occur. They appear post-operatively.

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