Snap on Smile

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Snap on Smile

Snap On Smile is one of the most important modern technologies that dentists have come up with, to ensure that the patient enjoys attractive teeth and a beautiful smile.

Snap on Smile

One of the latest developments in modern science, which is made of a material made of veneer in the form of movable molds

How to make a snap on smile or a mobile smile

One of the easiest and fastest ways to smile, you only need two sessions at the dentist

The first is to take the size of the teeth without any dental work or cold

The second is often after 24 hours and the removable teeth are installed

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile smile


The most important advantages of a moving smile is that it does not need any cold in natural teeth
Its financial cost is very low, it does not compare at all with the permanent Smile Hollywood operations
Get white and flat teeth
The possibility of covering the spaces and defects between the teeth


You can’t eat often with a moving smile and should avoid very cold or very hot drinks
Its ability to break is very large because it is made of a very thin layer and is not fixed
It is not suitable for people who do not have straight-row teeth, as it is an outer layer that covers the teeth exactly as it is without any change in shape
It is always a temporary solution and not a permanent solution, as it is considered one of the cosmetic dental accessories
Hollywood smile

Hollywood smile is represented by placing very thin veneers on the front of the tooth, and these veneers change the shape, size, color and length of the teeth to suit the shape of the mouth and mouth of the patient, and the aim of this smile is as follows:

Improving the appearance of the teeth and giving them a better shape.
Permanently increasing the degree of whiteness of the teeth.
Improving a person’s overall appearance.
Mostly, these crusts are made of porcelain, a material that has the ability to eliminate stains, and is very close to the natural age, to give the person a natural, not artificial smile.
Reasons for resorting to a Hollywood smile

Resorting to this smile is mainly for cosmetic purposes, but this smile and porcelain veneers can treat some dental diseases and problems, which are embodied in the following:

Teeth that are exposed to discoloration and the presence of some stains and pigmentation on them.
Teeth that have large cosmetic fillings, which have lost their color and are different from the rest of the teeth.
Teeth that have been fractured.
Teeth that are uneven or misaligned in shape, size and length, and have a different shape from the rest of the teeth.
Teeth that have spaces between each other.

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