Rhinoplasty is one of the most important plastic surgeries 2022

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Rhinoplasty is one of the most important plastic surgeries 2022

Rhinoplasty is considered as a cosmetic surgery whose goal is to change the shape of the nose, and the motivating factor for performing this procedure may be the rhinoplasty process is to change the appearance of the nose, or improve the breathing process, or both at the same time.

Since the bones are the upper part of the nasal structure, while the cartilage is the lower part of this structure, and this operation can lead to changing the bones, skin, cartilage, or all of them, so the person should discuss with the specialist surgeon about whether this operation is appropriate His or not, and about the most important results to be expected.

In the case of planning rhinoplasty, the surgeon must think about the features of the patient’s face, the skin on the nose, and the area he wants to change, and if he is qualified for the surgery, he will develop the appropriate plan for him, and often the insurance contributes to covering Part of the rhinoplasty costs or all of the costs.

Plastic surgery is witnessing a wide demand from all age groups.. Everyone aspires to a more beautiful and youthful look..

One of the most popular plastic surgeries is rhinoplasty, where some people suffer from congenital deformities, so surgical intervention is the only solution, and there are those who want to improve the shape of their nose to match the entire face.

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Where the nose consists of five cartilages.. two upper and two lower and a nasal septum that divides the nose into a right and a left part.. There are two areas of suffocation in the nasal airway.. the outer around the nostrils.. and the inner between the nasal septum and the lower part of the upper cartilage..

In these two areas, the air is heated and redistributed to the work of the sense of smell.. It means that any change in the area of ​​these two areas leads to a blockage in the airway and a feeling of blockage in the nose..

Rhinoplasty is done to improve its shape or fix its problems, as the deviation of the nasal septum leads to a blockage on one side of the nose with chronic inflammation of the sinuses, which needs to be straightened to solve such problems..

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