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Dental Cosmetic

Dental aesthetics techniques are one of the important topics that every person who studies dentistry and looks into its details must take into account and take good care of it.

Dental cosmetic techniques
There are many of the most important and prominent techniques of cosmetic dentistry, and these techniques may be suitable for some and not suitable for others, so it is important to consult a dentist or dental clinic to choose for you the best technique suitable for your need, and among the most important and prominent techniques of cosmetic dentistry available as follows:

Teeth whitening technique
It is possible to resort to this technique in order to get rid of the pigments on the teeth, to get shiny white teeth, including what is used through special gel or laser, but it should be noted that this technique is not suitable for all people.

Dental implants

Dental implants, the concept of dental implantation is that a metal bracket is installed in the jawbone on which a number of artificial teeth are installed to replace missing teeth and thus dispense with sabotaging healthy teeth in order to install bridges and bridges or dispense with dentures and mobile fixtures that have many problems as fixed teeth are better In terms of form and function.

The implant is a wedge made of titanium metal that enters the jaw bone that is accepted by the human body and unites with the jawbone after a while as one unit, then it is compensated in a way that no one, not even the patient himself, can differentiate between it and natural teeth..in terms of form and function..

Hollywood 1

Hollywood smile

Hollywood smile is one of the important topics that everyone interested in their teeth, their beauty and their attractiveness, should follow this topic.

All you need to know about Hollywood smile
Hollywood smile is number one for cosmetic purposes

Where the first to start using it are a group of artists, singers and celebrities

With the development and spread of this technology, it has become available to almost everyone, especially with lower costs to a very large degree than before.

Divided into two types veneers lenses or zircon crowns.


It is a modern method of orthodontics using 3D computer technology, through which a group of transparent and invisible devices are manufactured, made of transparent acryl, of different sizes, taken from a copy of the patient’s teeth, through which the teeth are aligned and straightened without wires or metal brackets.

Psychological and practical comfort:

Unlike traditional fixed orthodontics, which leads to difficulty eating and drinking, and the accumulation of food and plaque around wires and metal brackets, which may result in tooth decay and gingivitis, the transparent braces are mobile and can be removed when eating and brushing the teeth, which reduces the occurrence of infections in the gums and cavities in the teeth and is More comfortable and practical to use.