Many women want to have full, attractive lips, which is why lip augmentation operations have become popular recently .. Their methods have varied, including surgical or non-surgical ..

One non-surgical method is to inject lips with fillers.

The steps

Filler is injected into the lips under local anesthesia .. It is preferable that the quantity be appropriate and not exaggerated to give a more natural look.

The duration of the injection ranges from 30 – 60 minutes .. It varies according to the injection material, its density and the area of ​​the injection.

After the operation is completed and the patient returns home, he must use ice cubes to prevent bruising.

The patient should use comfortable pillows ..

Follow the doctor’s advice using the appropriate cream.

Eat foods that do not need to be glued for two days after injection (milk, yogurt, custard, etc.).

Positives of lips filler injecting

This method is safer and more effective .. It also improves the appearance of the injected area.

The complications of filler lips injecting

Mild swelling ..

Allergy occurs when using some fillers, such as animal collagen.

Feeling the substance injected as a solid part if injected incorrectly.

Its results do not last longer than 6 – 24 months depending on the type of substance .. Therefore, injections must be repeated every period to maintain the required results

Sclerosis and be warts “granular clusters” of important problems , especially when the use of materials with high density, which is not recommended for use for injection in the lips (such as hydroxyl apatite – Alortikul – silicon ) so as to frequent occurrence of clusters granulomas in the lips .. and the difficulty of correcting these deficiencies resulting from these clusters ..

The patient is not satisfied with the final result of the injection.

Some infections may occur and are considered one of the major problems. They occur when non-medical substances are used for injection in non-specialized places.