Lip reduction is the latest plastic surgery to beautify the appearance of the lips

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Lip reduction is the latest plastic surgery to beautify the appearance of the lips

The process of lip reduction, the shapes of the lips differ according to age, gender and race.. There is no specific ideal shape for the lips.. The ideal lip for a person.. is the one that fits and harmonizes with the features of his face.. What fits one face may not fit another face.. Among the aesthetic problems The lips that may suffer is a large size or a clear protrusion in the lips, and this is represented by:
The upper and lower lip together.
upper lip only..
lower lip only..
The presence of swelling in a certain part of the lip as a result of an accident..

Appropriate age for the operation: Lip augmentation can be done at any of the different stages of life…

The place of the operation: a plastic surgery center or a hospital, and discharge on the same day without accommodation.

Duration of the operation: ranges from 1-2 hours.

Anesthesia: local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia..

The surgical method for lip reduction: a part of the mucous tissue and muscle is removed across the lip..according to the direction and size of the required reduction..Then the two edges of the wound are brought closer with surgical stitches that dissolve automatically within weeks after the operation..

Recovery period and complications

The patient needs leave from work for a period ranging from 2-4 days..
The patient can go back to his normal life within two hours after waking up.
Some swelling and bruising occur during the first week after the operation.
Use ice and cold compresses on the lips for 1-2 days to help reduce swelling.
The head should be kept elevated with rest..and avoid all strenuous activities for a few days..
The patient uses some gargling during the first week..
The food in the first week is soft and tender, until the wounds are healed..
The lips appear a little big for a few weeks until the swelling subsides.. The swelling usually goes away about two weeks after the operation..

Expected result..

The result appears after a month of the operation and is permanent…

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