Learn with us about the most important causes of tooth pain resulting from lifestyle

تعرف معنا على أهم وأبرز أسباب ألم الأسنان الناتجة عن نمط الحياة

Learn with us about the most important causes of tooth pain resulting from lifestyle

Causes of tooth pain resulting from lifestyle is one of the important medical issues related to teeth that every person suffering from toothache must consider.

Lifestyle causes of tooth pain

There are many of the most important and prominent causes of tooth pain due to lifestyle, which often coincide with the presence of tooth decay, and the most important of these causes are as follows:

Regression or lack of interest and care for dental hygiene.
Be sure to eat a lot of some types of foods that negatively affect dental health, such as nuts, sugars, citrus fruits and drinks that contain a high percentage of caffeine.
Do not use floss to clean your teeth.
Causes of dental pain caused by health conditions

Contrary to the reasons we mentioned earlier, we show you here the reasons that cause tooth pain, but it is health problems, and the most important of these diseases are as follows:

heart disease

Sometimes the problem of tooth decay results from heart problems, especially in the case of this pain, with no cause related to a dental problem.

And the symptoms are not limited to dental pain, as it is possible to notice some other symptoms such as shortness of breath, increased sweating, nausea and chest pain.

hormonal disorders

In the event of high levels of hormones in the body, blood flow to the gums is enhanced, which increases the sensitivity of the teeth and gums, and thus the incidence of toothache and gingivitis.

This symptom may be temporary during the days that come before menstruation, or it may continue to indicate a permanent and persistent hormonal imbalance.

ear problems

Ear problems increase the chance of toothache, and tooth pain can occur in the event of an ear infection due to the accumulation of bacteria, and therefore people who suffer from chronic ear infections are among the most vulnerable to frequent dental pain.

Thus, we have provided you with everything you need to know about the causes of tooth pain resulting from lifestyle, and if you want to perform a dental implant, we advise you to go to the BiuSmile Center, one of the best medical centers in Turkey for hair and dental transplantation.

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