Learn with us about the most important and prominent surgical methods for a facelift

surgical face lifting

Learn with us about the most important and prominent surgical methods for a facelift

facelift surgery or the process of getting rid of wrinkles is considered one of the most important surgical procedures that aim to improve the appearance of the face and give it a more youthful and younger appearance. It works to address all changes in the shape of the face with the passage of age.

During this process, the specialist doctor tightens the skin folds on each side of the face, and then the tissues that lie under the skin are surgically modified, in order to redefine the face to have a more vibrant and youthful appearance. Get rid of excess skin.

Often a neck lift is performed as part of this process to reduce fatty deposits and sagging skin in the neck, knowing that this process reduces folds, wrinkles or fine wrinkles in the skin or repairs damage caused by sunlight.

With the development of research in the field of plastic surgery, it has become possible to lift the face in an excellent manner and obtain satisfactory results.. Previously, it was a multi-layer facelift (Composite Facelift) in which the underlying skin layers and the outer skin covering are treated to obtain a natural appearance, but the continuous swelling and the danger of Injury to the facial nerve is one of the most important complications that can occur.

Therefore, the discovery of the “Superficial Aponeurotic System.. SMAS” muscle is a revolution in the field of facial surgery.. This tissue envelops the salivary gland and forms an extension of the temporal muscle.. and the neck muscle.. It is characterized by a high potential power..

A feature of this process is

The amount of swelling is small and the recovery time is very short..
The complication rate is low, especially with regard to the injury of the facial nerve, because the level of the operation is superficial to the nerve.
It restores the face of its youth and freshness because it tightens and strengthens the subcutaneous tissues in a direction opposite to the direction of sagging face…

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