Learn with us about the most important and most prominent harms of dental floss

تعرف معنا على أهم وأبرز أضرار خيط الأسنان

Learn with us about the most important and most prominent harms of dental floss

Damages of dental floss It is one of the important topics that every person who uses dental floss for cleaning must take care of and take it well in order to ensure the safety of his teeth.

Damages of dental floss

It is easy to use dental floss for deep cleaning of the teeth, especially for areas that are difficult for the toothbrush to reach to remove stuck food, and it is characterized by its ability to maintain the health of the gums and protect them from any problems and diseases. The damages are as follows:

  • Gingival tissue damage

Brushing the teeth with floss for more than twice a day causes damage to the gum tissue, because the gums can recede, which works on sensitivity and damage to the teeth, so it is better to floss once or twice a day.

  • Bleeding and infection

Using the dental floss forcefully and pulling the floss through the spaces between the teeth strongly causes bleeding gums and gum disease, and the wound of the gums can cause ulcers, which works to enter the bacteria into the gum tissue, causing infection behind.

  • erosion of the tooth enamel layer and sensitivity of gum tissue

Brushing the teeth with dental floss too hard without being gentle and eroding the enamel layer and increasing the sensitivity of the gum tissue.

The correct way to use dental floss

To avoid falling into the disadvantages of dental floss, it is necessary to follow the correct steps in the event of dental cleaning, including the following:

  1. Cut about 45 cm of dental floss, and then wrap the floss on your middle fingers leaving 3-4 cm of dental floss.
  2. Snap the thread with your index and thumb fingers.
  3. Put the floss between your teeth, gently moving the floss down and up, and rubbing the floss on both sides of each tooth.
  4. Bend the floss at the base of the tooth to form the letter C, to ensure that the floss reaches and enters the space between the tooth and the gum.

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