Learn with us about the most important and most prominent effects of Botox


Learn with us about the most important and most prominent effects of Botox

The goal of Botox injections is to prevent contraction of the muscles responsible for facial expressions, whose atrophy contributes to the emergence of wrinkles with age, so it is important to resort to this surgical procedure for aesthetic purposes for women who want to give their appearance more youthful, and it can sometimes be used to get rid of horizontal wrinkles On the sides of the mouth, eyes and forehead.

Botox is a substance that is toxic to nerve cells, and its injection into the skin tissue works to stop the effect of electrical signals that the nerve transmits to muscle fibers, preventing their contraction.

Botox injections side effects

Botox generally has many risks and damages, including the following:

Neurological damage outside the facial muscle area.
Allergic reaction to Botox or anesthesia.
Holes in the skin.
Lack of consistency in the appearance of the skin.
Before the operation

It is important that the doctor sits with the patient before the operation to discuss with him and negotiate with him the area that will be treated according to the quality, thickness and texture of the skin, and the injection process is performed using local anesthesia for the skin through the ointment, and anesthesia may not be required in most cases, and it is also important for the patient to inform The doctor has all the medications he takes before undergoing the operation.

Botox Disadvantages

The person may feel laxity in his eyelids and relaxation in the muscles of his face and heaviness in moving them, and a lot of movement and rubbing the injected places will lead to the spread of Botox to other places and the emergence of unwanted results, and some feel dryness in their eyes or an increase in tears in another case, but they are not necessary symptoms for Everyone, some come out completely normal after the Botox injection and do not suffer from any of that.

But the greatest harm may occur from the inexperienced and inexperienced doctor who is unable to estimate the appropriate amount for local injection, so he injects a larger amount than it needs and causes Botox to enter the body, causing a state of general poisoning of the body, in which the patient suffers from weakness, muscle weakness, difficulty in vision, and faces breathing and swallowing problems and stuttering. Speech, which is one of the biggest reasons why it is recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women not undergo Botox injections.

If you underwent the Botox process and felt these symptoms, go to the hospital immediately to receive the appropriate treatment, and some of these doctors may hit a nerve with a needle and damage it completely, thus causing irreparable damage.

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