Learn with us about the most important and most prominent causes of dental plaque

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Learn with us about the most important and most prominent causes of dental plaque

The causes of dental plaque are important topics that everyone who cares about the health and safety of teeth, and who is afraid of them from cavities or dental implants, should consider them.

What is dental plaque?

gécial metadata of science and technology, chemicals that do not wear with teeth.

And in the event that the dental plaque does not get rid of it, these situations become hard and necessitate a visit to the doctor.

Causes of dental plaque

Dental plaque occurs when food residues that contain starches and sugars, such as soft drinks, milk, candy, and cakes, frequently collect and accumulate on the teeth.

These acids damage the tooth layer, causing tooth decay and other dental diseases.

Home recipes for the treatment of dental plaque

In order to conclude that education, education, and care are important, it is good at home, but by washing it, but by that natural image that includes dental plaque, watching from it as follows:

Using baking soda to clean your teeth, this is an effective and safe way to get rid of dental plaque without avoiding tooth enamel, as baking soda has antimicrobial substances.
Aloe vera decimate is added, and this mixture gets rid of dental plaque.
The use of sesame oil in brushing the teeth is high, where a spoonful of sesame oil is added to half a cup of water and brushing the teeth with it once during the day.
Coconut oil rinsing

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