Learn about the most important and prominent diseases of the oral mucous membranes and tumors

تعرف معنا على أهم وأبرز أمراض الأغشية المخاطية للفم والأورام

Learn about the most important and prominent diseases of the oral mucous membranes and tumors

Oral mucosal diseases and tumors are important topics that every person who cares about the health of his body, especially his mouth, should consider.

Diseases of the oral mucous membranes and tumors

There are many of the most important and prominent diseases of the oral mucous membranes and tumors, of which are as follows:

  • Candida albicans

This patient turns the color of the mouth to a pinkish-white color, which means that the person has an infection caused by a certain type of bacteria called Candida albicans, and this is what causes candida rash.

  • leukoplakia

There is a disease called talon and it turns the color of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity to white, and the talon is also a white layer that cannot be peeled and does not have any symptom or indication of disease in most cases.

Although most cases of talon are benign, but some of them may indicate the presence of a pre-malignant tumor, or turn over time into a benign tumor, and glaucoma diseases appear especially in adults, smokers and those who drink alcoholic beverages excessively.

It is possible that the cause of infection is the appearance of white scaly necrosis from other bleaching phenomena of the mucous membranes in the oral cavity, such as burns caused by eating hot foods, which often affect the palate in the event of eating hot foods, which causes burning of the mucous membrane in the jaws.

Since the virus is dormant after the initial infection in the ganglion of the whisper nerve, it is possible for a person to become infected again.

This disease is affected by nearly a third of people, as the infection arises in the event of a cold or flu, or when there is a defect in the activity of the digestive system, or exposure to psychological disorders, or the change of seasons, or hormonal changes, and in the event of the failure of the immune system.

  • Oncology

One of the most important diseases of the mucous membranes is the emergence of tumors, such as semi-neoplastic injuries, malignant tumors, recent tumors, cysts that occur in soft tissues, and injuries to the salivary glands.

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