Learn about the most important and prominent dental health conditions with us

تعرف معنا على أهم وأبرز الحالات الصحية للأسنان

Learn about the most important and prominent dental health conditions with us

Dental health conditions are one of the important topics that every person who cares about the health and safety of his teeth must take care of and take into account well.

Dental health conditions

Among the most important and prominent dental health conditions are as follows:

Cavities or tooth decay

The problem of tooth decay occurs if the bacteria in the mouth are not eliminated by brushing, or if the tooth enamel layer is damaged, and it must be noted that most cavities affect the premolars and molars areas.

gingivitis case

This problem occurs in the case of inflammation of the deep structures of the teeth.

Plaque case

The plaque layer is a colorless layer that is formed from bacteria and the substances they secrete, and this layer develops on the teeth after a person eats sugars.

case of lime

In the event that the plaque is not removed, a mixture of minerals occurs to form tartar.

hyper-itching condition

This problem occurs if the upper teeth protrude significantly over the lower teeth.

Bottom edge case

The lower edge problem occurs if the lower teeth appear noticeably behind the upper teeth.

Teeth grinding or bruxism

This problem occurs due to the person suffering from mental disorders, sleep or anxiety and stress.

What are the parts of a person’s teeth?

The most important parts of human teeth are as follows:

Enamel, which is the outer part of the teeth and is composed of calcium phosphate, which is formed from the hard rocky matrix.
The dentin, which is the layer that follows the enamel layer, and it consists of a solid tissue consisting of microscopic tubes, and in the event of damage to this layer, it is possible for cold or heat to enter the tooth through these pathways, causing sensitivity and pain.
The sigmoid cementum, which is the layer covering the roots of the teeth, the point where the enamel and the sigmoid cement meet, is called the sigmoid groove line.
The sigmoid pulp is the softest internal structure of the tooth.
the crown

Thus, we have provided you with everything you need to know about dental health conditions, and if you want to perform a dental implant, we advise you to go to the BiuSmile Center, one of the best medical centers in Turkey for hair and dental transplantation.

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