Learn about the most important and most prominent complications of dental caries with us

تعرف معنا على أهم وأبرز مضاعفات تسوس الأسنان

Learn about the most important and most prominent complications of dental caries with us

Complications of dental caries It is one of the important topics that every person suffering from the problem of dental caries should take care of and take into account well.

Complications of dental caries

Speaking about the most important and prominent complications of dental caries, we can say that the problem of tooth decay is one of the most prevalent dental problems among children, and this problem is caused by the presence of a gap in the layer of tooth enamel, due to the accumulation of acids with food residues, saliva and bacteria on the teeth and not getting rid of them.

Tooth decay can cause many risks and problems if the problem is not treated, and the most important of these risks are as follows:

  • Toothache

Dental caries causes severe pain and inconvenience to the patient, and the pain may be sharp and continuous that comes from time to time. It must be noted that there are cases in which caries does not cause any pain, due to many reasons, including the lack of penetration of caries to the pulp of the teeth and the nerve.

  • a broken tooth

Caries can cause a crack or break in the enamel of the teeth, causing a person pain, especially if the sensitive pulp of the tooth is exposed to drink and food.

There are several complications of a tooth fracture, including pain in the event of chewing food or biting the tooth, and pain if the tooth touches cold or hot air or when eating.

Therefore, it is important for the patient to stay away from eating and chewing on the side that suffers from the fracture, to avoid feeling pain.

  • Tooth abscess

We can define a tooth abscess as an infection in the gums that causes the infection to spread to the face, jaw, mouth or throat.

A tooth abscess causes many symptoms, including the following:

  1. A feeling of pain and swelling.
  2. Feeling bad taste.
  3. Redness of the mouth and face.

A doctor should be consulted immediately if the following symptoms appear:

  1. Suffering from symptoms of vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.
  2. Pain does not react to analgesics.
  3. Difficulty in swallowing and breathing.

Thus, we have provided you with everything you need to know about complications of dental caries, and if you wish to have dental implants, we advise you to go to the center Bio Smile is one of the best medical centers in Turkey for hair and dental transplants.

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