Laser skin peeling is one of the most important procedures to get rid of damaged skin


Laser skin peeling is one of the most important procedures to get rid of damaged skin

Laser skin peeling

Laser skin peeling, the laser regenerates the surface of the skin by sending high-focused laser beams to produce a strong charge of energy.. It is directed directly to the damaged skin tissues at the required depth and heats up and evaporates directly.. The surrounding tissues are not affected because they are very delicate.. The skin is carefully removed layer after layer and stimulates the production of collagen with new and more vital characteristics to grow a more vibrant and smooth skin surface…

The most important laser skin peeling devices
1- Carbon Dioxide Laser “Co2 .”

It has a continuous beam with a wavelength of 10.600 nm.. This device is very accurate and should be used by an expert and competent person because its side effects are high compared to other devices..

2- Erbium: YAG laser

It absorbs the water in the tissues and is 12-18 times superior to the carbon laser device.. as it removes the tissues to be treated with the least possible thermal damage, which is the least pain and its recovery is faster.. It is considered safe on thin areas of the skin.. Its complications are less than the carbon laser..

Laser is useful in removing skin spots and pigmentation.. Reducing aging skin wrinkles.. Treating atrophic acne scars or surgical operation scars.. Treating freckles and melasma.. Removing warts.

Contraindications to its use: Bad burns on the skin.. Previous radiotherapy.. Acne patients in the active phase for fear of the risk of spreading infection.. Users of tretinoin or retinoids for treating acne.. Should be discontinued 12-18 months before the session…

the operation

The peeling process is done under local anesthesia in most cases.. The patient may be given a sedative injection sometimes.. In some cases, full anesthesia may be done in the hospital..

As for the duration of the operation, it takes from half an hour to two hours, depending on the patient’s condition and the area of ​​the treated skin..During which the patient does not feel any pain. After the operation, the patient feels a slight pain similar to the feeling resulting from sunburn..

In the case of complete anesthesia, the patient wakes up and puts a bandage on his face in the treatment room..

As for the number of sessions, once is sufficient if the peeling is deep.. 1-3 sessions for medium peeling.. 3-6 sessions for superficial exfoliation.

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