Goal of fattening operations

It is to restore the freshness of the face, its attractiveness and its youthful appearance, as it helps in getting rid of wrinkles, and maintains youthful skin, and there are many therapeutic processes that help to fatten the face, and most of them are circulation are topical injection operations for several areas that are on the face, and there are also some surgeries that She implants implants on the face and this surgery lasts long.

Face fattening Injectable methods

There are many methods of fattening the face through injections, because of the variety of fillers known as facial fillers, which can be injected and filled with the face. These include:

Collagen: It is the natural protein found in the skin. It is made from soft tissues made of purified cow skin. It is used to fill wrinkles, lines and scars on the face. It is absorbed into the body.

Hyaluronic acid: a natural filler material in our bodies already and several companies are produced brand names such as Restylane and Juvederm.

Sculptra Injection: injection made of lactic acid industry, the first injection approved by the FDA to restore facial volume lost (corrected fat atrophy) in people living with HIV.

Injection Captique: used to fill facial wrinkles moderate to severe folds around the nose and mouth, is the soft tissue are injected to add size to certain areas of the face. Derived from non-animal hyaluronic acid.

Hylaform injection: fills moderate to severe wrinkles around the nose and mouth, a skin filler has been modified chemically from hyaluronic acid. Designed to temporarily soften the surface of the skin.

Radiesse Injection: artificial skin filler made of calcium hydroxyapatite to correct moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. This injection is the longest permanent filling because the body forms collagen around it, adding volume to the injected areas.

Self-fat: It is a fat extracted from the human body, and it is one of the preferred methods of fattening the face, as it does not cause sensitivity to the person, as it is a natural substance that is not chemically processed and taken from another area of ​​the body of the person who is required to inject a facial filler for him, then the fat is re-injected to the face one more time. The disadvantage of this type of filler is that it does not last for a long time, and that its costs are high due to the presence of a liposuction process prior to the injection process, e process of extracting self-fat from another area of ​​the body.

These materials fill the face and contribute to eliminating wrinkles, fattening the face and removing scars. The plastic surgeon can tell you the material that is best for you.