Dental implants

are the third and most recent alternative to replacing missing teeth, as this is the most successful method because it does not affect in any way the teeth and surrounding tissues. Dental implants make up for lost tooth roots with titanium braces.

Dental implants are routinely performed in dental clinics, and they are carried out in stages which are:

1 The first stage:

The suitable place for transplantation is prepared by placing implants made of pure titanium metal in the jaw bone, in the place of the missing tooth.

2 The second stage:

jawbone healing and implantation, and this called osteoclastosis. This process takes six months for the upper jaw and three months for the lower jaw.

3 The third stage:

the final formula for dental implants, that stage includes a number of sessions to make the final combination of mouth prints and try it out for the final fixation.

Dental implants pass without pain or very slight and normal pain, which can be overcome with regular analgesic tablets. The success rate of dental implants is 95% for the lower jaw and 90% for the upper jaw. The average age of implanted teeth as determined by the doctors is 25 years.

It can last throughout life, but keep in mind the patient’s interest in his health, his dental hygiene, and good care of it.