How are injection operations done?

It is the question that everyone is concerned about being heard in major beauty centers. The injections became the most famous and treated in a short period.

One of the biggest advantages of the fat injection process is that the body fat is redistributed from an aesthetic perspective, where the fat is extracted and extracted from areas of the body that suffer from local obesity and the accumulation of fat, and then re-injected into other areas that suffer from the thinnest and atrophied and to increase the size of areas that are Transfer and inject fat into it .

This is done in one surgery. After extracting the fats, they are filtered and deposited in a completely sterile way, and then some substances may be added to it that increase the vitality of the fats such as “plasma rich in platelets ” , then they are injected into the required areas .

It is possible and available to extract fat from any area of ​​the human body, and this depends mainly on the desire of the person who will be operated on consultation with the plastic surgery doctor, and the most famous of these places : areas of local obesity in the abdomen, sides, buttocks, thighs, arms, back, chest and others .

The location of fat injection also depends on the patient’s desire in the first place, and the most famous of these places are the face, breast, buttocks and others