Have you ever asked yourself what are the most important and most prominent causes of jaw spasm?

هل سألت نفسك من قبل ما هي أهم وأبرز أسباب تشنج الفك؟

Have you ever asked yourself what are the most important and most prominent causes of jaw spasm?

The causes of jaw spasm are among the important topics that every person concerned with the health and safety of their mouth and jaw, in particular, should know.

Causes of jaw spasm

There are many of the most important and prominent causes of jaw spasm, including the following:

  • Dental problem

Due to the presence of a bacterial infection, oral abscess, or exposure to oral anesthesia injections before any surgery.

  • Different types of oral surgery

As an operation on the gums, throat or oral tissues, neck, head and face surgeries, all of these surgeries affect the entire surrounding area.

  • TMJ Disorders

The problem of TMJ disorders is one of the most important and prominent problems that affect the jaw muscles, as it strains the muscles and puts pressure on them and causes spasms.

  • Trauma and Oral Injuries

Trauma and injuries to the mouth cause a fracture or dislocation of the jaw with severe pain, which leads to spasms in the jaw muscles.

  • Bad Habits and Behaviors

Like keeping the head forward for long periods when looking at the phone or computer, this works to cause spasms, as well as grinding and pressing the teeth is one of the wrong behaviors that cause tooth spasm, which a person may do during his sleep.

  • wearing braces

Wearing braces for long periods of time causes pain in the jaw and muscles, due to the pressure that the braces do to adjust the alignment of the teeth.

  • Exposure to psychological stress

As psychological tension works to tighten the entire face and jaw muscles as well, and as soon as the tension is eliminated, the spasm is eliminated.

Symptoms of jaw muscle spasm

Jaw spasms are accompanied by many symptoms, the most important of which are as follows:

  • Suffering from pain, stiffness and discomfort in the sides of the jaw and in the face in general, which causes the patient to be difficult to open the mouth.
  • Difficulty in speaking and speaking, due to the inability to open the mouth naturally.
  • Difficulty eating, especially solid foods that put pressure on the muscles of the mouth.
  • Tooth, ear and head pain.

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