Have you ever asked yourself is laser teeth whitening harmful?

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Have you ever asked yourself is laser teeth whitening harmful?

In fact, laser teeth whitening is not without damage to the teeth, but when used repeatedly, one or two laser teeth whitening sessions do not pose much harm.

What is medically recommended for teeth whitening:
If the teeth have reached a large degree of yellowing, it is preferable to undergo one or two laser whitening sessions only
Continuing with home bleaching (bleaching sheets) for at least a month.
It is preferable to use home whitening sheets after a laser session once a week to maintain the degree of whiteness
But in the case of mild yellowing of the teeth, it is not recommended to use the laser directly, but to use the home whitening sheets once a day at bedtime for 15 days, and then once every two days for another 15 days.
In the end, to preserve the color, it is preferable to use the same plates.
definition of teeth

We can define teeth as pieces of hard structures that form inside a person’s mouth on the jaws, and are formed around the mouth and pharynx of vertebral objects, and the function of the teeth is to chew and crush food, and the teeth are composed of a certain number, and the teeth go through several stages The first stage is the basic teeth that are formed in the stage Childhood, but it quickly falls out and appears as a substitute for it, and its name is permanent teeth, and these teeth differ from each other in that the primary teeth are small in size and consist of more pointed protuberances, whiter and more susceptible to erosion, and have large pulp chambers compared to small and sensitive roots.

The number of human teeth

Teeth begin to grow during childhood, specifically the prenatal period, but they do not erupt until 6-12 months after birth. The age of 3 years, and after the child reaches the age of 5-6 years, his teeth begin to fall out, to appear instead of strong permanent teeth that will continue with him throughout life.

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