Golden threads for a face lift are the best cosmetic procedures to get rid of wrinkles

gold thread for face

Golden threads for a face lift are the best cosmetic procedures to get rid of wrinkles

Golden threads for face-lifting, PDO threads are very safe, as they are used in sutures of blood vessels in open-heart surgeries as well as in other surgeries. This procedure is suitable for all people (except for pregnant women), from the age of 25 years and above, especially those who suffer from signs of sagging skin as a result of signs of aging or as a result of losing a large amount of weight.

Golden threads are a great alternative method for people who do not want to undergo surgeries and want to maintain their face in a natural way without changing the shape.

golden threads

These are threads no more than 0.1 mm thick consisting of gold and inserted under the layer of skin (dermis) between fat and tissue. The introduction of the golden threads produces fibers and collagen in reaction to the presence of the new substance in the body, which results in the construction of new tissues that increase the thickness of the skin, and this improves blood pumping in the place where the operation was performed, which ultimately leads to the renewal and improvement of the skin’s shape and removal of all Sagging and fine lines in the skin.

Golden threads to lift the face

Golden threads are used to tighten the face and are used in many places in the body, especially the mouth, chin and forehead area. A group of golden threads in the form of a network is inserted into the area from which wrinkles are to be removed. This is done by inserting the golden threads into the fatty area under the skin, and the doctor tightens the face Lift it up. The function of these threads is that they keep the face tight for many years after the operation.

It is also possible to beautify the nose with golden threads. A group of threads are inserted along the length of the nose in order to raise the tip of the nose, and some threads can also be inserted crosswise in the two points directly above the nostrils in order to reduce the width of the nose.

This modern technique has recently been used in otoplasty with golden threads instead of plastic surgery or laser, where these threads are inserted to wrap around the ear cartilage in a certain way, allowing to reduce or modify the shape of the ear.

Before beautifying the ear with golden threads, ordinary threads were used, which might draw attention to the strange color in the ear. As for the golden threads, they do not appear under the skin, and this process has benefited a lot, due to the possibility of completely dispensing with surgery and its effects and pain, and also dispensing with laser cosmetics, which costs a lot of money.

The use of the golden thread technique is not related to a specific age, so any person can undergo cosmetic operations using the golden thread technique, provided that he has non-sensitive or very dry skin, and it is preferable that the general health level is good.

What is the method of lifting the face with golden threads?

Thread lift is a relatively safe, non-surgical method that helps women get rid of wrinkles. However, it cannot be used in the case of large wrinkles, as it may sometimes cause allergic reactions against the materials used.

German plastic surgeon Begmann Borbor said that the face-lift method with threads depends on inserting very thin threads into the fatty tissue directly under the skin with very fine needles, and then these threads are tightened in sagging areas of the face, so the skin looks tight.

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