Get to know with us what is meant by Hollywood Smile


Get to know with us what is meant by Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is one of the important topics that everyone interested in their teeth, their beauty and their attractiveness, should follow this topic.

All you need to know about Hollywood smile

Hollywood smile is number one for cosmetic purposes

Where the first to start using it are a group of artists, singers and celebrities

With the development and spread of this technology, it has become available to almost everyone, especially with lower costs to a very large degree than before.

Divided into two types veneers lenses or zircon crowns.

Veneer lenses (Luminib):

It is a very thin lens, almost transparent, capable of penetrating light. The thickness of the veneers or luminaire lens is approximately 0.3 mm. The surface of the tooth is cooled with this thickness only in order to maintain permanent stability and not to protrude the lens over the teeth.

The life span of the lens depends on the patient’s care for oral health, brushing the teeth on a daily basis, and avoiding hard and harsh objects

Hollywood smile for veneers is a cosmetic procedure only

Veneers are not suitable for everyone, unlike zirconium crowns

Conditions that must be met for the installation of veneers:

1- Teeth B must be healthy and free of cavities

2- There is no crookedness in the teeth

3- Veneers are not suitable for people who suffer from nocturnal gnashing (pricking or pressing on the teeth while sleeping).

An example of veneers lenses or luminaire ceramic veneers

German zirconia crowns:

Zirconium crowns are one of the best solutions for most patients, as they radically modify the teeth, whatever their condition.

The prices of zirconium crowns are often lower than the prices of veneers or porcelain veneers

How to prepare zircon:

The doctor cleans the teeth from all existing cavities and then cools the tooth in a circular shape that allows the crown to be installed over it

The life of zirconium crowns may last for life if the materials used are original and the teeth are of good quality and are not rooted.

In some cases, the doctor has to pull the nerves from the teeth during preparation, but the lighter the cold and the more we preserve the nerves of the teeth, the longer the result lasts

Cases and indications for a Hollywood smile for zirconium crowns:

1- In the event of large caries and caries in the teeth

2- In the event that there is a large crookedness between the teeth

3- The presence of large spaces

4- Lack of calcium or fluorine in the teeth, as zirconium crowns preserve your teeth for a longer period

An example of a Hollywood smile for zirconia crowns

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