Get to know with us the most prominent and important surprises and features of the face filler

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Get to know with us the most prominent and important surprises and features of the face filler

Facial filler, the filler is a material used for filling under the skin, and it is used for two main purposes, the first purpose is to hide wrinkles and scars, and wrinkles are nothing but a lack of collagen under the skin and therefore voids occur and wrinkles appear, and the filler is used in this case to fill in those voids, so wrinkles disappear.

The second purpose is to inflate and enlarge. Many girls suffer from sunken cheeks, thin lips, a thin face, or other problems that can appear at a young age much before the appearance of wrinkles, and in both cases, the filler was the magic and quick solution to eliminate these two problems. .

Facial filler features

Many of the features possessed by the facial filler that make it a preferred option among many young ladies and girls as well, and these features are:

Quick results
As you can see the results immediately after the injection.

Great results
If you are looking for a wrinkle-free and naturally plump face, then facial filler injection is the right choice for you.

Does not require anesthesia
The injection does not usually cause pain, but a local anesthetic cream can be used before injecting the filler to the face.

Injecting the face with fillers is considered one of the safe procedures to a large extent, as it is non-surgical and does not require anesthesia, and the materials used in it are safe as we mentioned earlier.

Does not cause inflammation
This is one of the great advantages of the facial filler, as the materials used are easy and fast to absorb.

Low costs
Compared to face-lift operations, or cosmetic surgeries in general, facial filler needles are very economical in their costs.

Materials used in facial fillers
Animal collagen, which is extracted from animals, especially cows, is one of the most popular materials used in fillers, as it is low in costs compared to other materials, and one of its most important disadvantages is the lack of continuity of its results in the long term.
Synthetic polymer, which is chemically made from many skin-safe compounds.
Autologous fat, which is extracted from the person’s own body, is the preferred substance in the filler.
Hydraulic acid, which is one of the most common and widely used materials, because it is inexpensive.

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