General information about teeth and everything you want to know about their number and stages of growth

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General information about teeth and everything you want to know about their number and stages of growth

We can know the teeth as being pieces of solid structures that form inside the person’s mouth on the jaws, and form around the mouth and pharynx for vertebrate objects, and the function of the teeth is to chew and crush food, and the teeth are composed of a certain number, and the teeth go through several stages. The first stage is the basic teeth that are formed in the stage Childhood, but it quickly falls out and appears as a substitute for it, and its name is permanent teeth, and these teeth differ from each other in that the primary teeth are small in size and consist of more pointed protuberances, whiter and more susceptible to erosion, and have large pulp chambers compared to small and sensitive roots.

The number of human teeth

Teeth begin to grow during childhood, specifically the prenatal period, but they do not erupt until 6-12 months after birth. The age of 3 years, and after the child reaches the age of 5-6 years, his teeth begin to fall out, to appear instead of strong permanent teeth that will continue with him throughout life.

There are about 400 species of microorganisms in the human mouth.
The number of deciduous teeth is 20, while the number of permanent teeth is 32.
In the human mouth there are 6 large salivary glands and several other small salivary glands, and all of these glands secrete saliva that helps in chewing food, speaking, and preventing tooth decay and gum disease.
The milk tooth must be taken care of.. when some of them are lost before the age of replacement, they are replaced by the permanent tooth.. It leads to movement in the other milk tooth.. and thus leads to the permanent teeth matching well..
Teeth should be brushed after every meal and dental floss should be used before bed.
The toothbrush should be changed only when the shape of its fibers changes..and it is not specific to a specific time..
The best way to put paste on the brush is to put it between the brush fibers and not over the fibers..
Wisdom teeth are so called because they begin to appear at the age of majority, approximately in the eighteenth.

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