What are the filler face features?

Filler is a substance used to fill under the skin, and is used for two basic purposes. The first purpose is hiding wrinkles and scars, and wrinkles are only a shortage of collagen under the skin and thus voids occur and wrinkles appear, and Filler is used in this case to fill those voids so the wrinkles disappear.

The second purpose is to inflate and enlarge. Many girls suffer from sunken cheeks, thin lips, or skinny face or other problems that can appear at a young age much before the stage of wrinkles appear. In both cases, Filler was the quick and magical solution to eliminate the two problems. .

Features of facial filler

Filler has many advantages that make it a favorite among many ladies and young girls as well, and this include:

Quick results

As you can see the results immediately after injection.

Great results

If you are looking for a wrinkle-free face that is naturally full, then injecting the face with a filler is the option for you.

No sedation required

Injections often do not cause pain, but a local anesthetic cream can be used before the filler is injected into the face.


Filler injection is considered to be a largely safe procedure, as it is non-surgical and does not require anesthesia, and the materials used are safe as mentioned above.

It does not cause inflammation

This is a great feature of facial fillers, as the materials used are easy and fast absorbing.

Low costs

Compared to facelifts or plastic surgery in general, facial needles are very economical in their costs