Everything you need to know about transparent braces, its features


Everything you need to know about transparent braces, its features

Transparent braces are braces made of transparent acrylic material.. It is one of the modern techniques for orthodontics in which three-dimensional computer technology is used.. From it a group of transparent and invisible devices are manufactured.. This braces are useful for straightening and straightening teeth without the need for wires and metal brackets..

And its results are faster than traditional braces.. It also reduces the number of patient visits to the dentist, unlike regular braces, which need to replace metal wires periodically..

One of the most important features of this calendar is its shape, which is almost unnoticeable when the patient places it, unlike the traditional calendar..

Also, the transparent braces are removable and can be removed when eating and brushing the teeth, making it more convenient to use.

definition of teeth

We can define teeth as pieces of hard structures that form inside a person’s mouth on the jaws, and are formed around the mouth and pharynx of vertebral objects, and the function of the teeth is to chew and crush food, and the teeth are composed of a certain number, and the teeth go through several stages The first stage is the basic teeth that are formed in the stage Childhood, but it quickly falls out and appears as a substitute for it, and its name is permanent teeth, and these teeth differ from each other in that the primary teeth are small in size and consist of more pointed protuberances, whiter and more susceptible to erosion, and have large pulp chambers compared to small and sensitive roots.

The number of human teeth

Teeth begin to grow during childhood, specifically the prenatal period, but they do not erupt until 6-12 months after birth. The age of 3 years, and after the child reaches the age of 5-6 years, his teeth begin to fall out, to appear instead of strong permanent teeth that will continue with him throughout life.

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