There is no fixed shape for the ideal ear .. it differs from one person to another to fit and coordinate with his face .. but some may suffer from the large ear or the folded ear .. where the upper and lower sides of the ear flap appear folded inward or from the prominent “bat” ear .. and for this Ear plastic surgery is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the ear while preserving the basic function of it, because the process is limited to the outer part of the ear only, and therefore does not affect hearing or balance in the middle ear or inner ear …

Bat-prominent prominent plastic surgery


Surgery can be done under the influence of local anesthesia with sedative .. And it can be performed under the influence of complete anesthesia in children, especially .. or according to the patient’s condition ..

Duration of the operation

It takes 1 – 2 hours depending on the problem that is being treated surgically.

Where the operation is performed

The hospital without accommodation ..

the operation ..

A small incision is opened in the back of the ear to reveal the cartilage.

Cartilage is treated in one of the following ways:

Make a small incision in the back of the ear to reveal the cartilage …

Fold the cartilage back to itself using permanent sutures to reshape the ear without removing the cartilage. This method works with children for the elasticity of the cartilage.

Cold or sculpt the cartilage lightly without taking it out … and fold it back towards the head or remove the extra parts of it .. and give the ear the appropriate shape so that the bends and the natural wrinkles of the ear do not change .. Then it is pulled back after folding and fixed with permanent stitches ..

In severe cases, a portion of this cartilage is cut and removed to its thickness, then the ends of the cartilage are sutured with permanent threads.

The strands used to fix and form cartilage are fixed and do not dissolve over time .. to give the new normal shape to the ear.

Sometimes a portion of the skin is removed behind the ear to preserve the results if necessary.

If only one ear is defective and the other is intact, a balance is usually balanced between them to match .. Surgery is also performed on both ears to achieve a better balance for them …

The posterior incision is closed with surgical sutures that are removed within a week of the operation or by threads that dissolve automatically .. In all cases, the wound is in the fold of the skin at the back of the ear where the wound fades over time without anyone noticing ..

Finally, the head is covered with a large bandage pressing against the ear to ensure healing.