Do you know what root canal treatment is and what it is for?

هل تعلم ما هو علاج قناة الجذر وما المقصود به؟

Do you know what root canal treatment is and what it is for?

Root canal treatment is one of the important topics that every person who is interested in teeth and who suffers from a problem in the root canal should take care of it and take it well.

Root canal treatment

We can say that the goal of root canal treatment is to treat the teeth that have been damaged after the layers of the tooth have been gradually eroded, given the suffering from severe caries, especially in cases where the decay penetrates the layers of the tooth and reaches the pulp that includes nerves and blood vessels.

Before undergoing treatment
In the pre-treatment stage, it is important for the dentist to take x-rays of the patient’s teeth, and sometimes a panoramic image may be required to accurately determine the severity of the tooth injury.
The doctor prescribes some antibiotics for patients who are at high risk of developing endocarditis, such as people who use artificial valves.
People with blood clotting disorders may be asked to take a blood test to check their clotting functions before the operation, as they are at a higher risk of bleeding.
during treatment
The treatment is given in the dental clinic to the patient under sterile conditions, and a local anesthetic is used to inject the patient into the target area for treatment, as is the case in all dental treatments.
The accumulated caries in and around the tooth is removed through the use of special tools, and then the pulp layer of the tooth is removed and the root canal of the tooth is completely cleaned.
In the event that there is a possibility to end the treatment with one treatment session, the doctor inserts a special substance that works to block the root canal of the tooth, which aims to prevent the proliferation of new germs inside the root area of ​​the tooth, and then the doctor works to fill the tooth.
In some cases, the doctor makes his decision to divide the treatment into a lot of treatment, due to the need to wait until the existing inflammation in the place of treatment recovers, as the doctor works to fill the canal of the tooth with a sterile material and then fills the tooth with a temporary substance.

Thus, we have provided you with everything you need to know about root canal treatment, and if you want to perform a dental implant, we advise you to go to the Biu Smile Center, one of the best medical centers in Turkey for hair and dental transplantation.

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