Do you have any knowledge or information about what the tooth structure is?

هل تملك أي معرفة أو معلومات حول ماهية بنية الأسنان؟

Do you have any knowledge or information about what the tooth structure is?

Dental structure It is one of the important topics that every person interested in learning about their teeth should take good care of and take into account.

Tooth Structure

We can talk about the structure of the teeth, that the teeth are considered as good bodies, not like the popular belief among people that they are a great structure devoid of life, and in each tooth there is a bone tissue called the pulp of the tooth, and it includes capillaries that feed the tooth, and it includes nerves that give a sense of heat and cold pain and pressure.

The pulp is surrounded by a hard substance called ivory and has a yellowish color, and the crown, i.e. the tooth visible in the mouth, is covered with a hard, white, shiny layer called enamel. No holes, thus creating a strong barrier against all pathogenic bacteria.

While the ivory layer is considered less hard than enamel due to its low content of mineral salts, as it contains nerves and lives in small dentin canals, which means that the ivory layer gives the features of life and makes it a layer that interacts with external stimuli, as well as it cannot counteract bacteria attacks and all other harmful factors because it It is not considered impermeable as enamel.

It became clear that the role and importance of maintaining and caring for the healthy and healthy enamel layer to serve as the upstream guardian of the sensitive inner layers of the teeth.

While the part of the tooth that is not visible in the mouth, i.e. the root, covers a layer of a bone-like substance called cementum, and the gums are tightly surrounded by the tooth, while the roots of the teeth are embedded in special cavities inside the jaw bone called the alveoli, and the tooth is fixed and tightened to the socket cavity with a substance that absorbs The shocks are called the ligament and work to completely surround the root.

Deciduous teeth

They are the teeth that the fetus has during its development stage, starting from the first month until the last months of its life in the womb of its mother.

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