Complications of breast lift surgery &what is meant by this process?

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Complications of breast lift surgery &what is meant by this process?

Breast lift surgery aims to get rid of sagging breasts caused by many factors such as childbirth, breastfeeding, weight gain, aging, hormonal changes, and genetics.

As the sagging breast tissue is formed again through the operation, and the sagging breast heads are lifted down to their natural place, the breast becomes aesthetically tight.

This operation can be performed for women who have completed the age of 18, and for women over the age of 40, provided that a breast examination by ultrasound and radiography is performed, ensuring the safety of the implementation of the breastfeeding process and protecting the milk ducts during the operation after the patient who will perform the operation by birth.

Complications of breast lift surgery
Complications of anesthesia in general, such as sensitivity to some drugs.
Temporary loss of sensation in the breast area may occur due to injury to the nerve endings during the operation, so the loss of sensation may continue for several months or permanently.
A blood pool may occur that requires medical intervention and additional surgeries.
Bacterial infection may occur through the penetration of bacteria into the wound, as it is found on the skin naturally.. Therefore, the breast and neck should be washed with an antibacterial lotion before the breast lift operation.
But if the nipple is raised more than 10 cm, a permanent loss of feeling for the nipple area may occur.
Internal or external growths may occur during wound healing, especially in smokers.
After the operation, the nipple may look flat or irregular, or asymmetry of the breasts may occur.
The impact of the wound may leave a visible scar, especially for people with dark skin.
Separation may occur between the two ends of the wound, so it is necessary to communicate with the doctor continuously and keep him informed of all developments and to keep the wound clean permanently.

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