What is dental pigmentation?

The change of the color of the natural teeth, and some may think that the coloration of the teeth means yellowing only, while the color of the teeth may change to brown or gray, or to several different colors.
There is two types of tooth pigmentation which is the external and internal pigmentation, and the internal pigmentation occurs in the inner layers of the dentine, or the external coloration may be limited to the outer layers of the tooth port.

What are the causes of tooth staining?

There are many and varied reasons for tooth staining and discoloration, but the most common ones are:

1- Aging :

With age, the color of the teeth changes, which also follows for several factors.

2- Colorful foodstuffs :

the most important of which are:

tea, coffee, soft drinks, tobacco and shisha, and the intensity of pigmentation may vary depending on the amount of consumption.

3- Fluoride (fluorine):

Fluorine is considered as one of the most important substances that is useful in fighting tooth decay, but it causes tooth pigmentation if it is covered in large quantities. Fluorinated water is considered one of the modern techniques for fighting decay, but in the event that it is not within specific criteria It will cause pigmentation and discoloration of the teeth.

4- Some medications:

Among the most important antibiotics from the tetracycline group, which must be paid attention to use for pregnant women and children?

5- Trauma and tooth nerve death :

strong or light repeated trauma and also the tooth pulp die (tooth nerve) may lead to internal tooth pigmentation, which is one of the difficult pigmentations to remove and that requires internal bleaching to relieve it or sometimes resort to coronation of the tooth as an effective and alternative solution.

6- Antiseptics :

It is absent from many that prolonged use, which exceeds one or two weeks as a maximum, for oral antiseptics, especially those that contain chlorhexidine, may cause pigmentation of the teeth, therefore attention is required.